We make the potential of renewable energies visible, calculable and usable.

With enwarp, we are accelerating the energy transition in Europe by making the potential of renewable energy visible, calculable and usable - for companies that can use it to support their customers in their decisions on renewable energy.

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Dr. Stephan Wilforth
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"It is possible. We can accelerate the energy transition in Europe many times over. With enwarp, we enable companies to make their customers' decisions in favour of renewable energies faster and easier. So that we can increase the speed!"

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We believe in working together to shape the future of energy. Whether you work for a small business, a large corporation or a public organisation: We invite you to get in touch and find out how our customised solutions can drive your renewable energy initiatives forward.

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How we accelerate the energy transition

At enwarp, we are driving the energy transition in Europe by using innovative technologies to process, analyse and visualise data for renewable energy solutions. In this way, we help consumers and businesses across Europe to take action in favour of renewable energy.

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Data is the starting point for making informed decisions and organising processes more efficiently.

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As location experts, we are able to find, utilise and manage ideal locations. To achieve this, we combine expertise in energy and buildings that is unique in Europe.

Make decisions, act decisively

By providing easily accessible and understandable information, we empower people to make faster and more targeted progress with the energy transition and to tap into previously unachieved potential.


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Do you have questions about our products, want to explore partnership opportunities or simply learn more about how enwarp can support your renewable energy initiatives? Our team of experts is ready to support you every step of the way.

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